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Kirey Srl. – Italy

At the beginning of 2015, Real Technologies group (Real Technologies) concluded its negotiations with Kirey (Kirey), an Italian firm with a key focus on IT finance solutions. The partnership agreement was signed between Kirey and Real Technologies. Real Technologies markets, sells and supports Kirey IT finance solutions in the East African region, Malawi, Southern Sudan etc.

Below are some solutions we bring to our market through this partnership:

  1. Pharos Kirey (An Insurance Platform)
  2. Kirey Fraud Management (Anti-Fraud in Claims Solutions)
  3. Kirey Web funds (Pension Administration Solution)
  4. Kirey Risk Management 
  5. KSustAim  (Sustainability Integrated Reporting Solution)
  6. Etc…

Bitrix 24 (Free for teams with 12 people or less)

At the beginning of 2015, Real Technologies became a Bitrix24 partner. Bitrix24 is the world’s most cost effective intranet, CRM and collaboration platform that comes with 35+ worktools.

Below are some of the Bitrix24 features that will help you become more efficient and effective:

  1. Social Networking / Social intranet – Collaboration made easier
  2. Tasks and Projects – Manage your work and get more done. Assign, delegate and coordinate
  3. Chat and Video – Real time communication on any device
  4. Online Documents Management – Work with documents with Google Docs, MS office or your favorite office suite
  5. Bitrix24 drive – Online storage, file sharing and multi user editing for groups
  6. Calendars – Private and shared calendars for entire company
  7. Mail Server – Unlimited space for your company email with antivirus and anti-spam included
  8. CRM – Full sales cycle management from lead generation to client invoicing
  9. Telephony – Make, receive, log and record phone calls directly from Bitrix24
  10. HR Tools – Integrated online human resources management system
  11. Mobile – Bitrix24 on your smartphone or tablet. Just one tap away
  12. Time Management, Work Reports, Workflow Automation, Helpdesk, Bitrix24 Network
  13. And much more… Enjoy the way you work and collaborate!


Real Technologies is a Symantec partner and offers Symantec security solutions.

Kiira Tech Solutions

An exceptional IT service business under Kiira Innovations Limited, a company with a common shared history  based in Jinja, Uganda and the first point of contact for our clients in the Eastern region of the country.


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