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Architectural CAD Services

2D & 3D Drafting

We follow your instructions to produce new architectural drawings for homes, retail spaces, commercial buildings, congregations, and other structures from any of the following:

  1. Hand Drawn Survey Sketches
  2. Existing Blueprints/Printouts
  3. Scanned Images
  4. CAD Drawings Created using other Computer Programs
  5. Photographs

Our standard tool is Autodesk AutoCADT. However, we can also use Autodesk Architectural DesktopT, or SketchUp if a customer specifically requests.

We can open and work with the following document, image and CAD file formats:

Document file formats: PDF, DOC, TXT
Image file formats: PNG, PSD, JPG, TIF, BMP, TGA , CAL , RTF, EPS, EMF, AI, WMF, VSD
CAD file formats: DWG, DXF, IGES, PL1, PLN, PLA and
Compressed / zipped file formats: ZIP and RAR

Rendering/Presentation Graphics

Based on your instructions we appliy our creativeness and experience to render existing drawings or to produce new presentation graphics, using Autodesk AutoCADT, SketchUP or MS PowerPoint.

3D Animation (Walkthroughs and fly-bys or fly-rounds)

Based on your instructions we apply our creativeness and experience to develop quick animations of your projects using SketchUp.

A Virtual Extension to Your CAD Department

Regardless of the pricing model you select, we generally work with you until you are happy with the deliverables. Essentially, we work as a virtual extension to your CAD production department.

We offer these incredible values at exceptionally competitive prices because of our style of forging long-term partnership arrangements with our customers. A long-term relationship enables you and us to drastically reduce the cost of doing business because it means the following:

  1. You can inform us of your anticipated demand for our services, so that we integrate your needs in our resource planning.
  2. We update you about our capacity plans and constraints, so that you can meaningfully incorporate us, as a resource, in your own work plans.

Please contact us to learn more about our services or to immediately start benefiting from them.

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