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Graphics & Advertising

Your total corporate identity begins here!

We are an internet marketing, software development and reseller hosting firm. Why offer graphic and print design service? Simple – We want to make it as easy as possible for your offline efforts to support your online efforts, and vice versa

Part of an overall successful communications program is how you promote your company using a consistent image, colors, and message. Consistency is key throughout your corporate identity, your web site, logo, print ads, brochures, newsletters and even billboards. By providing professional graphic design and print service, we’ll help shorten your sales cycle.

Our graphic design team can produce all of the print design and marketing collateral you need to keep your company in the forefront of your customers and potential buyers. Rely on Real Technologies’s team of expert graphic designers for the following projects and more:

  1. Advertising
  2. CD ROM Presentations
  3. Corporate Identity
  4. Direct Mail
  5. Exhibit Materials
  6. Brochure
  7. Flyer
  8. Promotional Items

We have the design solutions you need for any successful product launch. Contact us today.

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