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Pharos Kirey

Pharos Kirey, our turnkey insurance platform is a modular solution, web based, multi-channel and multi-platform, for the management of the insurance contracts for Individual and Collective, Life, non Life and Motor forms.

Internal and external company actor uses the same application, each one with its peculiarity, profile, available functions, data visibility, etc. Usable by management for Company control and by all sales channels during the entire lifecycle.

Technical architecture is highly scalable and is perfectly adapted to each Company and can run on both mainframe and distributed architecture, while a series of predefined connectors allows integration with existing enterprise systems (eg. the anti-money Laundering, General Ledger …)

Main functionalities

  1. Integrated Portfolio Management: Life and non Life business
  2. Multichannel Front End: Sales and post sales operations
  3. Claims Management
  4. Integration with Bank Systems

KIP – Multichannel Front End

Multichannel /Multinetwork

The Platform fully enables all multi-channel aspects and provides an enormous flexibility in configuring different types of sales channels. For each sales channel it is possible to define different business processes with specific workflow rules.

It is possible to configure autonomously an unlimited number of sales networks of the same type as well as defining a number of different types of sub levels (geographical areas, bank offices,…)

Integration with Bank Systems

The Platform directly manages the front end operating processes at the bank agencies, directly interfacing the main bank systems via web services.

This connection layer enables:

  1. Access to the bank customer registry
  2. Checking the availability of customer’s bank accounts
  3. To debit the premium amount to a customer account
  4. To credit to a company account

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