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About us

Real Technologies Group (Real Technologies) is a Ugandan founded and based international IT Company and consulting firm providing IT solutions for businesses worldwide. We help companies acquire and utilize IT solutions ranging from:

  1. IT Consultancy Services: Strategy, Governance and Maintenance
  2. IT Solutions Development : Web & Application Development, Mobile Application
    Development, Enterprise Solutions Development/Integration
  3. Infrastructure Services & Shared Service Management
  4. IT Insurance Solutions and Services
  5. IT Pension Administration Solutions and Services
  6. Cloud Computing (Hosting and SaaS) and Backup/Data Recovery Services
  7. Architectural CAD (A Virtual Extension to your CAD department)

The business is run by an experienced team which is focused on building and delivering quality products and services with a strong customer-centric approach.

The team has PRINCE2 Project Management, ITIL, Certified Database Administrators, competent developers and software engineers.

Together with our international Partners, we (Real Technologies) provide Clients with the
most innovative, robust and specialized solutions for their business

Our Vision

“The leading provider of high quality, reliable and cost effective Information Technology
Services and Products”

Our Mission

“Support our Clients and empower our Community through IT services and solutions
provided in a timely, quality, dependable and value for money manner”

Core Values

  1. Integrity in communication, plans, service and conduct.
  2. Excellence in service to man as means of showing our honor to God
  3. Highest Quality in services and products
  4. Client benefit oriented service and products
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