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Innovating Since 1993: TOVEK’s Insightful Journey

For over three decades, TOVEK, spol. s r.o. has been at the forefront of innovation in the Czech Republic. Established in 1993, our mission was to provide groundbreaking solutions that empower organizations to Track, Organize, and Visualize Elements of Knowledge concealed within vast data landscapes. This dedication has shaped us into a dynamic force, driving advancements in intelligence, investigation, and security domains.

Central to our legacy is the Tovek Intelligence Platform—an exceptional software solution built upon more than 30 years of collective expertise. This platform is a response to the intricate needs of intelligence, investigation, and security communities. Governments and commercial establishments alike have embraced it, recognizing its capability to unlock insights from complex data. The Tovek Intelligence Platform stands as a testament to our commitment to evolving with technological progress and user aspirations, ensuring that it remains at the cutting edge of information exploration.

Key Features of the Tovek Intelligence Platform (Empowering Insights)

Versatile Data Processing

The Tovek Intelligence Platform boasts the exceptional capability to process diverse data types—text, voice, image, video—in any format. It dynamically structures information to empower decision support. There are no restrictions on input data, and the platform offers boundless flexibility in generating output. This framework is meticulously designed to facilitate observation, orientation, decision-making, and action.

Gradual Deployment and Cost-Efficiency

Seamlessly integrate the Tovek Intelligence Platform at your own pace. Its architecture is both distributed and secure, bolstered by resilience. The platform operates with robust analytical desktops, which can function independently or connect to multiple servers. Additionally, configuring web clients is effortless, contributing to a cost-effective and adaptable solution.

Knowledge Extraction and Collaboration

The Tovek Intelligence Platform is a catalyst for extracting, storing, sharing, and reusing knowledge. It significantly reduces the time invested in collecting and searching information, thereby enabling a focus on generating outputs with substantial value. Analysts’ insights can be swiftly shared with end users, fostering a collaborative environment that amplifies efficiency and impact.

Unveiling Tovek Intelligence Platform’s Key Concepts

Experience the Tovek Intelligence Platform, meticulously tailored to address the unique requirements of the intelligence, investigation, and security community:

Hybrid Data Fusion

A groundbreaking approach offering secure, decentralized access to diverse data sources. Seamlessly process shared data centrally while enabling independent field work offline. This unified framework guarantees swift and secure access to mission-critical information.

Active Knowledge Maps

Harness the power of knowledge for efficient information retrieval and evaluation. With automatic identification of pertinent data across various formats and languages, it ensures precise searches and effortless navigation through structured and unstructured information.

Visual Knowledge Discovery

Unleash analyst potential through visual representation. By contextualizing multiple pieces of information, analysts can connect dots and gain a holistic view. This visual approach unveils connections and insights often hidden within raw data.

Distributed Intelligence

Facilitate secure intelligence sharing among collaborating analysts and units. Through anonymization and aggregation, selected data, queries, and findings are shared to offer insights while protecting confidential information and expertise

Tovek Intelligence Platform Applications

Use CaseNeedSolution
IntelligenceSearch and monitor any information related to an actor (person, organization) in various data sources

Structured and unstructured data; multiple languages & formats; multiple names, fake names and nicknames for the entity.
Tovek Intelligence Platform delivers rapid and organized information on the target entity.

Active knowledge maps enable knowledge to be built and resused in a search relevant to the target entities. tovek Server automatically delivers relevant information to end users.
InvestigationProvide evidence for an allegation in limited time.

Various data sources, such as computer forensics, lawful interception, tollgate cameras, and ambiguous identifiers.
Tovek Intelligence Platform significantly reduces time to provide evidence.

Hybrid data fusion and visual knowledge. Discovery enables various data sources to be put together and for the dots to be quickly connected to present a comprehensive picture of the case.
OperationsRecognize topics and entities emerging in communication.

A large volume of rapidly changing data with an unknown content; weak signals, poor quality, and a lot of noise.
Tovek Intelligence Platform automatically reports what is going on.

Content analysis automatically enables the recognition of emerging topics. context analysis and AI-based entity recognition enable automated monitoring of entities and topics.
SecurityIdentify threats from security and communication logs.

Various identifiers such as MAC, IMSI, IMEI, IP addresses, phone numbers, emails, cell IDS; large amounts of data, various log formats.
Tovek Intelligence Platform allows to identify threats and unusual behavior easily.

One stop solution for Big Data analysis (link analysis, content analysis, context analysis, transactional analysis, social network analysis and Artificial Intelligence).

Other Tovek Intelligence Platform Applications

  1. Harnessing the Power of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): Experience targeted data collection and streamlined processing from diverse open data sources—be it competition insights, supplier data, or customer information.
  2. Transforming Fraud Management: Unlock unified access to data crucial for investigating insurance or financial fraud. Seamlessly connect the dots to substantiate fraud claims or mitigate potential risks.
  3. Navigating Human Risk: Efficiently gather individuals’ digital footprint from diverse sources. Uncover threats and opportunities associated with collaborations.
  4. Facilitating Critical Decisions: Rapidly evaluate document, record, and communication content for pertinent information in projects or cases, expediting informed action.
  5. Enhancing Place Management: Seamlessly collect and analyze location-related information for investment, upkeep, event planning, or crisis response.
  6. Revolutionizing Contact Centers: Combine voice-to-text transcription and speech content analysis to optimize operator control and maximize insights from incoming calls.

Leveraging the Tovek Intelligence Platform

Experience the versatility of the Tovek Intelligent Platform across a spectrum of activities, including but not confined to:
  1. Cyber Security
  2. Cyber-Crime
  3. Criminal Investigation
  4. Tax Evasion
  5. Money Laundering
  6. Corruption
  7. Terrorism
  8. Drug and Human Trafficking
  9. Monitoring and Analysis of Commodities (e.g., Oil and Minerals)

How The Tovek Intelligence Platform Works

Information Retrieval with Precision

Explore information through diverse queries, enabling the conversion of expert knowledge into a structured, tree-like framework. Uncover insights by defining topics using keyword combinations and query operators.

Fusion of Data for Enhanced Insights

Experience the power of data consolidation and fusion from varied sources. Correlating information from multiple channels enhances accuracy, offering richer insights beyond single dataset analysis.

Visualizing for Clarity

Visual representation of information pieces, when contextualized, empowers analysts to draw connections and unveil the full picture of events and challenges. This visualization aids in identifying concealed relationships and facts within raw data.

Robust Security and Confidentiality

Access rights are meticulously governed, catering to individual users, groups, and roles. Tovek’s architecture remains secluded from the internet by an “air gap.” Geographical and logical scaling ensures information confidentiality while maintaining accessibility.

Comprehensive Information Protection

Security pervades every system layer, from user access to searchable documents. Rigorous analysis of anticipated system behavior and organizational security policy ensures robust protection. Tovek Intelligent Platform offers customizable configurations, standard protocols, and mechanisms to meet specific requirements.

Empowering Through Training

Tovek’s training programs span database administrators, analysts, managers, and trainers. From remote sessions to in-person training in Prague, our comprehensive training equips you to harness the Tovek system’s full potential.

Tovek’s Broad Spectrum of Information Sources

Tovek seamlessly manages information from various origins, encompassing:
  1. Multiple Sources:
    • Databases (Internal and External)
    • Open Source Information (e.g., Internet, Dark Web, Social Media, Mass Media, Newspapers)
  2. Varied Formats:
    • Structured Data
    • Unstructured Information
  3. Multilingual Spectrum:
    • European Languages
    • Chinese
    • Vietnamese
    • Expansion to Other Languages through Local Collaborations

Tovek’s Reach and Impact: Where and Who Benefits from its Implementation?

Diverse Clientele

Customers encompass domestic and international entities including:
  1. Financial Institutions,
  2. Consulting Firms,
  3. Manufacturing Companies,
  4. Trading Companies,
  5. ICT companies,
  6. Media Firms,
  7. Telecommunication Operators, and
  8. Governments.

Global Footprint

Over 200 solutions deployed across:
  1. Czech Republic,
  2. Slovakia,
  3. Hungary,
  4. Germany,
  5. Austria,
  6. France,
  7. Greece,
  8. Turkey,
  9. Cyprus, and
  10. The USA.
End users range from:
  1. Top-tier managers,
  2. Analysts,
  3. Investigators,
  4. Auditors,
  5. To experts and
  6. Regular users.

Tailored Solutions

In the Czech Republic, Tovek crafts individualized solutions attuned to customer environments.

Projects encompass collaborations with:

  1. Czech Republic Police for investigations spanning organized financial, property, drug crime, and traffic offenses.
  2. Kooperativa Insurance for insurance fraud detection.
  3. Ministry of Finance for analytical insights spotlighting connections (Corruption) between business and private entities.
  4. Interior Ministry investigators utilizing Tovek as an analytical tool to unveil connections among legal entities and individuals.

Confidentiality Preserved

Owing to client privacy, the full reference list is not publicly disclosed.

Tovek’s Impressive Credentials and Recognitions


  1. ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certificate from Lloyd’s Register
  2. Quality Assurance
  3. National Security Office of the Czech Republic Entrepreneur’s Certificate of Security Competence (No. 002122, dated 15 September 2015), granting access to classified “Confidential” level information
  4. PRINCE2 Certification for Projects in Controlled Environments

Awards and Honors

  1. Consistent Excellence: Named among the Top 100 ICT Czech companies since 2020
  2. Innovative Solutions: Recognized by Computer World Journal for IT Product of the Year:
    • 2022: Tovek Web Client 7.3.1 emerged as a finalist
    • 2021: Tovek Tools 7.7 Analyst Pack
    • 2018: Tovek Voice Analysis Version 2.0
    • 2017: Tovek GDPR Tools – Awarded IT Product of the Year

CIO Business World Awards for Case Studies

  • 2021: “Expensive Analyst in the Role of a Researcher” – Recognized as the Best Case Study. This study focuses on risk assessment solutions in providing financial products.
  • 2020: “TOVEK Analytical Tools for the COVID-19 Central Management Team”
  • 2019: “Everyone Has Their Secrets” – Awarded Best Case Study. Describes the deployment of an analytical system for assessing personnel risks.
  • 2017: Utilizing Tovek Speech Analytics in the Innogy Contact Centre

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