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30 Years of Excellence with Infocad.fm: Transforming Real Estate Management

With a 30-year presence in the CAD/BIM/Facility Management sector, the company champions digital transformation and change management. DESCOR pioneers Infocad.fm, Italy’s premier software for real estate, infrastructure, and plant asset management.

Unveiling Facility Management Challenges

  1. The pace of change in strategic factors, including organizational structures and business dynamics, is rapidly accelerating.
  2. The volume and intricacy of information to manage are consistently on the rise.
  3. Both internal and external users, such as authorities and managers, require real-time access to specific data.
  4. In numerous instances, Technical Offices are working with fewer resources than before.
  5. Insufficient information and challenges in data access contribute to situations of inaction and elevate business risks.
  6. Managers necessitate effective tools to analyze real estate data, enabling them to gather operational insights and establish a foundation of knowledge for informed decision-making.

Why Infocad is Essential: Meeting the Demands of Modern Real Estate Management

To Reduce Operating Costs

Facility and Asset Management’s role has evolved beyond being a mere company cost. It now serves as a significant positive contributor to the company budget, enhancing efficiency across various levels and leading to substantial savings of valuable economic resources.

Optimization of Spaces

 In a typical breakdown of operating expenses for a site, the most impactful element is often the ownership cost per square meter.
By employing suitable economic metrics, one can effectively monitor site profitability, assess alignment between organizational structure and business goals, and pinpoint potential areas for enhancement. Past experiences reveal that optimizing office roles results in cost savings ranging from 10% to 20%.

Rationalization of the Assets

Having a comprehensive registry of technological assets (e.g., fire-fighting equipment) across various sites facilitates assessing their alignment and appropriateness in relation to space size and usage. When integrated with the administrative system (asset), this enables assigning an economic value to the technical assets of each individual site.


The ability to meticulously assess the adequacy and appropriate sizing of equipment in alignment with company needs and legal requisites enables the streamlining of associated investments.

Control of Maintenance Services

Managing costs and ensuring the quality of maintenance services becomes notably intricate when dealing with geographically dispersed offices overseen by diverse service providers.


Analyzing costs and service quality not only reveals process inefficiencies and inadequate performance but also opens avenues for innovative approaches like smartphone-based solutions. These optimizations can lead to cost savings, potentially prompting renegotiations with suppliers.

How Infocad Responds To The Challenges

Simplicity, Power, Versatility

Infocad, crafted entirely in Italy by a team of IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) experts, embodies simplicity, power, and versatility.

Modular and Scalable

Infocad.FM puts you in control. Select what aspects to manage, decide the project’s starting point, and plan how to expand it over time.

Seamless Integration

Infocad.FM effortlessly integrates with your existing information systems. Whether it’s ERP systems like SAP, Oracle Applications, HR management tools, Building Automation systems, BIM models, or more, Infocad.FM’s adaptability shines.

Time and Cost Savings

Harness the spatial insights into your real estate assets and gain control over energy consumption. This enables you to optimize spaces and reduce property management expenses.

Efficiency and Data Security

Survey, analyze, and optimize your locations to maintain efficiency and security. Adapt swiftly and accurately to changing requirements.

Comprehensive Support

Benefit from comprehensive pre and post-sales support. Our dedicated team of specialists will guide you through Infocad.FM’s potential for property management. Customers enjoy ongoing access to video support and responsive customer care to swiftly address any concerns.

Choose Infocad.FM for a future-ready, efficient, and flexible property management solution.How

Key Features of Infocad: Exploring the Powerhouse

Delve into the heart of Infocad and discover its array of powerful features that streamline property management, optimize resource allocation, and enhance data security. Click on a feature to expand and read the details:

The BIM model crafted in Revit finds a home within the Infocad.FM centralized database, preserving its integrity and format. This repository becomes accessible to authorized users, ensuring a streamlined process.

With Infocad.FM, you have the capability to transform the BIM model’s components into intelligent objects, enriched with codes and comprehensive data sheets. These intelligent objects are seamlessly linked with all pertinent model information, encompassing maintenance details and documents generated throughout operational workflows.

Efficiently oversee your space inventory with advanced ranking and analytical functions. Access detailed space insights, including purpose, dimensions, occupancy, cost-effectiveness, and even explore innovative planning scenarios. Visualize these insights effortlessly through our interactive floor plans, providing a comprehensive and intuitive experience.

Effortlessly oversee your assets while visualizing them on interactive floor plans. Each individual item is meticulously categorized, offering comprehensive data reports enriched with associated components, images, and documents.

Dive into HR analysis and craft tailored reports detailing workforce occupancy, location, and asset utilization. Simplify large-scale relocations through the seamless simulation capabilities of our Move Management modules.

Effortlessly oversee and collaborate on real estate’s technical and administrative documents. Organize documents by type and location, quickly identify missing and expiring items, and ensure compliance with current regulations.

With Infocad.FM Quality Control, you gain the ability to conduct assessments on various activities, processes, or services and document outcomes directly in the field through the dedicated App.

The system’s remarkable adaptability extends its utility beyond maintenance and cleaning services. It finds relevance in diverse domains such as quality assessments of processes, environmental decorum checks, and the overall state of facility services. These services encompass a broad spectrum, including landscaping maintenance, concierge services, security, and more.

Seamless integration between this module and those dedicated to managing maintenance activities ensures cost-effective cross-analysis between control results and maintenance actions. Additionally, it provides instant visibility into any anomalies or issues identified during inspections.

A profound understanding of properties, their purpose, and current condition, coupled with access to accurate real-time information and documentation, stands as a cornerstone for every Facility Manager. Infocad.FM empowers the technical management of a wide array of assets, spanning from industrial facilities and buildings to vehicle fleets and medical equipment.

At the heart of this system lies the creation of a comprehensive technical registry. Within this registry, all pertinent information, documents, and management procedures converge, serving as an invaluable resource for anyone engaged with these properties.

Efficiently manage your maintenance operations with Infocad.FM. Our system allows you to establish a comprehensive registry of maintenance objects, expertly organized into multilevel hierarchical schedules. Each item within this registry corresponds to a meticulously scheduled operation linked to a specific asset, whether it’s a facility, building component, or plant.

Experience seamless control over both scheduled and on-demand maintenance operations. Plan activities with precision, effectively organizing your operational staff. Keep a watchful eye on operations through meticulously organized timelines, even automating email requests and generating insightful reports for a comprehensive overview of your maintenance processes.

Infocad.FM seamlessly integrates energy management information, including bills, energy class, and consumption data, with your technical building data. This unified approach ensures the consistency of your data across space, assets, and personnel management.

Unlock the power of comparative analysis across multiple buildings with the convenience of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Measure consumption per square meter, consumption per cubic meter, or consumption per employee or workstation. This comprehensive approach empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your energy usage effectively.

Infocad.FM offers powerful tools for creating comprehensive emergency plans, encompassing facility and equipment management, escape routes, and designated gathering points. Additionally, the system aids in identifying and assessing risk areas, ensuring a proactive approach to safety.

Furthermore, it enables the management of parametric data critical for fire risk assessment. This holistic approach enhances preparedness and ensures a safer environment for your facilities and occupants.

Infocad.FM empowers you to efficiently manage a wide array of processes with its robust “workflow engine.” Whether it’s routine maintenance, emergency interventions, major projects, information requests, reporting, follow-ups, or grievance handling, you can design and automate diverse processes seamlessly.

Each workflow can be tailored with a specific authorization path, involving various internal and external stakeholders, ensuring transparency and accountability at each step. To enhance process management, the system features a comprehensive notification and alert system, which can be customized for each stage, making it an invaluable tool for overseeing your operations.